High Net Worth Individuals – mercato e collezionismo di opere d’arte

Alessia Zorloni, Anna Zuliani
in G. Negri-Clementi (a cura di), Economia dell’arte. Proteggere, gestire e valorizzare le opere d’arte, Egea, 2016

The history of state or public museums has been the focus of numerous research and publications. Yet little research has considered private museums created by High Net Worth Individuals, even though the number of private art museums has risen dramatically over the past two decades. This chapter is dedicated to analyze privately-funded art museums which are run by individuals, private foundations, associations or companies, with publicly accessible collections. In particular, it seeks to address the following questions: What are the reasons behind the current rise of private museums? Who are the key players and who are the visitors? What kind of art is acquired, collected, exhibited and, in some cases, resold on behalf of these museums?