We support our clients in carrying out research on the art, photography and collectibles markets by promoting pioneering projects that are positioned on the border between art, market, law and technology. The main areas of study and research for 2022-2024 are: the market for female artists; the wet paint market; the brand galleries market; NFT, Crypto art and new frontiers of the art market; diversity & inclusion in the art market; communication strategies in the contemporary art market; the market for luxury watch.


For more than ten years we have been organizing programs on the art market in collaboration with leading universities, public and private institutions. Art Wealth Advisory aims to enrich the professional skills of Private Bankers, Financial Advisors and professionals involved in the management of artistic heritage, through the design and delivery of courses focused on four areas: art and wealth management; investments in luxury goods; patronage and collecting; management, enhancement and transmission of art collections. Training programs are designed to provide participants with the technical tools that will allow them to orient their customers in the art and collectibles markets and support them in the management, protection and enhancement of their artistic heritage.


Art Wealth Advisory offers Mentoring programs, aimed at offering guidance and advice for the development of professional career in the art world. The Mentoring program supports participants by guiding them in addressing the main challenges of their career path by helping to provide distinctive skills and innovative perspectives to create their own professional positioning. We also provide consultancy for the production, preparation and logistics of exhibition events and editorial projects, guaranteeing our customers care and control over the entire production chain.

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