Collecting Families

We offer personalized strategies to help art collectors, artists and heirs to manage the complexities of art wealth. From collection assessment and development to creating trusts and foundations, we have the experience and a suite of solutions to help meet your diverse needs and goals. Among the activities we provide:

  • Private lectures on art and collectibles markets
  • Collection assessment and development
  • Strategic guidance on acquisitions, deaccessions, and short- and long-term planning
  • Museum patronage and advisory services for the formation of new museums
  • Archive and foundation planning for artists and their heirs

Corporate Clients

Several corporations and corporate foundations, have begun investing in art and supporting arts projects to achieve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or corporate community involvement (CCI) goals. Art Wealth Advisory follows a tailor-made approach to:

  • Design training programs on art and luxury management
  • Defining the corporate giving and community investment strategies and procedures aligned with the corporate vision and core business
  • Creating the programs to implement an art-based strategy
  • Creating partnerships between corporations and art institutions for brand-building
  • Supporting the communication of corporate art initiatives

Wealth Managers

Art is viewed as a financial asset by high net worth families and a growing numbers of wealth managers believe that art wealth management services should be a part of their firm’s offering. Art Wealth Advisory helps private banks to set up an art advisory service to provide solutions to the art and philanthropic needs of their clients. Among the activities we provide:

  • Creation and supply of corporate programs for private banks and wealth managers
  • Creation and supply of art advisory services for HNW clients
  • Design exclusive events for HNW clients around pleasure asset such as art, wine, design, luxury watches and classic cars
  • Selection of third-party services

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